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With WEDO, prepare your meetings in teams, write the minutes in real-time, and follow the tasks assigned to your colleagues.

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Make your meetings actionable

Shared Agenda

Prepare your meeting agendas collaboratively to ensure everyone is well prepared.

Team Meetings

Empower every team member to participate during team meetings and take responsibility for their work.

One-to-One Meetings

Ensure your colleagues are on the same page, keep everyone accountable, and create a highly engaged workplace.

Realtime Note Taking

Take your minutes during the meeting and allow everyone to be up to date directly at the session's end.

Meetings Follow-up

Make post-meeting follow-up easy by giving instant access to the meeting minutes with integrated task progress.

Task Management

Create collaborative workspaces to share tasks with your teammates and view all your tasks in one place.

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WeDo’s great success

This start-up company from Fribourg created a software designed to optimize work organization and meetings. About forty big companies are customers, among which the Groupe Mutuel.


An article about WeDo published in Echo, the magazine by CCIF.
(June 2017 / N° 3).

Improve your productivity

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One in two meetings are unproductive

1 %

Managers spend more than 50% of their time in meetings

1 B.

$37 billion a year are wasted on unnecessary meetings

1 /3

Two thirds of meetings end before a decision is made



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