Art-Tisons SA works with WEDO

Art-Tisons is a company specialized in stone cutting. They install, renovate or transform fireplaces and other monuments. The company located in Rossens has about twenty employees.

Why did you opt for WEDO?

To simplify and unify our organization. The general idea being to communicate better by defining who takes care of what and ensuring traceability in order to save time. All this, without email and without a piece of paper.

How do you use WEDO to organize your work? Can you give us a concrete example?

The follow-up of the quotations is done by WEDO. As soon as a request is received by phone, a task is created and a deadline is set to ensure follow-up.

As a general rule, we use it as a reminder so that nothing is left “between the cracks”.

What was the reaction of your employees when you integrated WEDO into your company?

The application rained very quickly. We had to define what information we would put into the platform and take the time to set it up. Once that was done, everyone quickly bought in.

How has the collaborative tool changed the way you communicate?

We communicate less orally and ensure better follow-up. Everything that used to be done by email, paper or even fax, now goes through WEDO. Having access to our task list from anywhere and at any time saves us a lot of time.

What is your favorite feature in the application?

The delegation of tasks and the possibility to comment on them. We also use the topics as a sales pipeline. Several subjects have been created for each stage of the sale, from the request for quotation to the execution of the work.

Who would you recommend our application to?

To all SMEs from 3 to 4 employees.

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