Follow the progress of your checklists in real time

Save templates for your proceedings then follow the progress of your checklists in real time.


Create a template per process


Start checklists based on templates


Follow the progress in real time

Here’s how to simplify your checklist tracking

Create process templates

Create template to manage recurring workflows for your team. No more duplication or multiple version of the same process.

Start checklist with a click

Run checklists based on a template. Colleagues are automatically informed of what they have to do and for when.

Track progress

Get an overview of all checklists progress in real time. For each checklist know what has been done and what’s left to do.

Relative task planning

Define relative dates in the template. Automatically plan all tasks according to reference date. For example: event date, employee first day, etc.

Communicate effortlessly

Comment to share information and discuss the progress of the task with your team.

Attach files to your template

Attach files to tasks in your template, for example a form to fill. The task assignee will have the right file at the right moment.

Export checklists

Generate a PDF to share, print and sign your checklists. Ensure the complience of your processes.

Share knowledge

Each employee has access to the templates that are usefull for him. New employees can understand your processes and be rapidly on board.

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Follow the progress of your checklists in real time.

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