WEDO for Municipal Administrations

With WEDO, improve collaboration within your administration. Manage your meetings on our secure collaborative platform from the establishment of the agenda to the drafting of the minutes. Follow up on tasks from one meeting to the next. Facilitate communication with council members.

What makes WEDO unique?

Meeting Tracking

Manage council, committee, internal and external meetings using a single tool.

Task Management

Track task progress from one session to the next. Manage dicastery and project activities collaboratively.

File Sharing

Manage your documents and mail with features for sharing, annotating and searching files.

Organize actionable meetings

Prepare your meetings

Items submission, agenda preparation and distribution so each participant can prepare for the session.

Council meetings

Enable each council member to participate actively in the session and to keep his departments on track.

Commitee meetings

Create workspaces for committees to manage sessions and tasks with internal and external members.

Meeting minutes writing

Real time note taking during the session to avoid wasting time due to the transcription of information.

Meetings follow-up

Ease your case management and action tracking with the integrated task manager.

Task manager

Create collaborative workspaces to share tasks and view all tasks in one place.

Your data security is our top priority

WEDO in the press

A collaborative platform for efficient remote meetings

In April, HR Today proposes to take a look at the very current topic of “Working from home”. The Swiss media presents WEDO as an ideal solution to efficiently manage remote meetings. Discover in this article how our tool facilitates your virtual meetings.

WEDO sets course for German-speaking Switzerland

WEDO makes collaboration among colleagues easy – with a single tool. The startup from Fribourg is now stirring up the German-speaking Swiss market with a strengthened team. In the December issue of the startup and founder magazine “Booster”, the founders talk about the beginnings and their futur plans.

Hospital Architecture magazine gives the floor to WEDO

The magazine of tomorrow’s hospital professionals is interested in our solution. Find the explanations of the two WEDO co-founders as well as the testimony of Joël Michelot, Logistics Director of the Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC) and WEDO user.


Are you ready to make your meetings actionable ?

WEDO is 100% Swiss

WEDO is a Swiss based startup, the main office is in Fribourg (FR) and the datacenters are located in Zürich (ZH).